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various / idol tryouts two / ghostly
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ellen allien and apparat / turbo dreams remix / bpitch

julien neto / le fumeur de ciel / type
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spring, where are you?

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alex smoke / paradolia / soma

Thank you Alex! His release Incommunicado last year was a span of his work over a four year period which demonstrated a wide array of different sounds and influences, now with his latest release Paradolia he has welded the different expressed genres together to complete a tighter produced album. Since Incommunicado, Alex's success has sky rocketed. He has been compared to the sounds of Matthew Dear, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and Lawrence. If you haven't jumped on the band wagon yet, here's your chance to taste bass-heavy trawls through slow motion techno slivers of ambience, dubwise steppas and microscopic house hiccups.
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agf/delay / explode / agf produucktion

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isolee / western store / playhouse

Western Store was compiled by Alter Ego's Jorn Elling Wuttke from Isolee's 12" back catalogue. Western Store comes across like the missing link in the chain of albums between Rest and We Are Monster. It makes no difference whether the year they were created was 1997 or 2003 as Rajko Muller's unique sounds are always fresh and exciting. This is truly an album that highlights his talents as a producer.
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ellen allien and apparat / orchestra of bubbles / bpitch

out april 17th


snd / newtables ep

kaito / hundred million light years / kompakt

sleep archive / radio transmission ep pass:

dapayk / live at golden gate, berlin / october 2005


audion aka matthew dear / footwork, toronto

Matthew Dear rocked Toronto by giving us a taste of Detroit. Audion's Suckfish release last October didn't get me excited when hearing it in the comfort of my bedroom, it's because it's not meant for the bedroom or the living-room, his neo jackin' funky techno belongs in the club and tonight I got to appreciate Audion to his full potential. Matthew Dear's live set was seamless, subtle, pumping and booty-shaking.

various / idol tryouts two / ghostly

Get ready for this next release on ghostly, with this phenomenal repertoire list of brilliant artists, how can this not be good? Taste it for yourself by visiting the idol tryouts two website.